What we do

A short explanation about how we can help you

We provide specialist property surveys for damp, decay and woodworm, such as the Common Furniture Beetle. In specific, the consultancy has expertise and knowledge in relation to:

Cavity wall ties
Condensation control
Penetrating damp
Rising damp
Dry rot
Wet rot
Wood-boring insects


Subsequent to an inspection, we prepare a detailed, professional report. The reports that we write are easily understood and give clear guidance.

Where relevant, the reports that we produce include budget costs, drawings and treatment specifications.

All of the work that we do is covered by an appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance policy. A copy of this can be provided upon request.


Why we are different

We are independent professionals, offering honest, impartial advice, supported by a wealth of experience.

As we are independent, we do not have a commercial bias. Therefore, we do not recommend unnecessary repairs or treatments. Besides avoiding needless disruption and inconvenience, the service we provide can save time and money.

Since we do not perform remedial works of any nature, we place a strong emphasis on correctly diagnosing problems. As a result, the surveys that we undertake are detailed and exhaustive.

Being free from commercial motivations also means that the reports we produce and recommendations we make are tailored-to-suit. We do not reproduce standardised ‘fixes’, but respect the specific needs of each individual client and property.