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Who we are

We are independent remedial consultants. That is, we are a consultancy which prescribes 'remedies' for buildings, and we do so independently of any commercial agenda.

The consultancy was established in 2005 and benefits from over 50 years of experience.

Where we work

Where we work
Where we work
Where we work
Where we work
Where we work

What others say

"Many thanks to you…We had comments about how efficient, courteous and professional your work was."

D. Jennings, Homebuyer

"Thank you very much for such a comprehensive report. I’m sure people aren’t normally happy when issues are highlighted, but we’re delighted with the outcome!"

R. Convery, Homeowner

"The report was very thorough and comprehensive, and the service you provided was excellent. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is in need of damp surveying…Thank you so much for your time and your professionalism."

J. Beattie, Homeowner

"...I have read quickly through your report, and cannot thank you enough for a superb and comprehensive piece of work - exactly what we were looking for."

P. MacRory, Homeowner

"Thank you for the report...[it] has highlighted a number of important issues that need to be resolved and has proved to have been a valuable exercise."

R. McKay, Homeowner

"Thank you for your comprehensive report."

C. Thompson, Homebuyer

"Ray and Lawrence arrived promptly and surveyed a prospective house that I was intending to buy with minimal hassle. They left no stone unturned (literally) so that I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. They provided a detailed report highlighting problems and good advice on how to tackle any issues."

A. Mooney, Homebuyer